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Sarah's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2003-10-07 15:02

he he he... someone's got no top on...

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Date:2003-10-07 10:51
Subject:ooh, gorgeous icon

Just had to come and check my icon was still here...

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Date:2003-10-06 10:27

hello... new icon!!!

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Date:2003-04-28 08:04
Mood: blank

I know that this is a really sad little post and you're all going to groan loudly when you see the subject but that's right, it's... American Idol!!!

So, last night Joshua Gracin: he sang like *&^% but he's normally really good which is annoying cos now there's quite a chance he'll leave this week. Personality wise he's one of my favourites and he sounds really good doing country too.

Kimberly Lock: well, everyone says she's now really good and stands quite a chance and I think I agree too.

Carmen: how is it that she's still on it?! She can't sing that well at all and I don't get why everybody was so annoyed when Simon said she couldn't win the competition.

Roooooben Studdard: he's got the best voice and I'm really hoping he wins (he should or I'll be very unhappy!). He just sings so well without trying and has so much emotion.

Trenyce: It's either her or Carmen that has to go this week in my opinion. Her voice is OK but she has little feeling and, as Simon says, no personality on stage.

Clay: he's so cute!!! His voice is great like Ruben's and he stands a really good chance though looked preety bad in that black leather jacket last night.

Other gripes about AI: Randy and that other girl never really seem to say anything bad no matter haw terrible the singing was; Randy constantly says "What's up Dog?!"; the guest judge only ever says "yeah, I've watched you develop and you sound wonderful. You sound beautiful on that song too... yeah, just beautiful."; Dog;

So any way, I've clearly wasted my whole holidays watching utter crap but, hey, it's fun!

In other news, I finally got myself a bank card. it's blue and has a PIN and everything!!!
That poor person who had to count out my piggy bank full of busking money and my 5 cent collection... a total of $118.15 hahaha. Also promised myself that no matter how bad veterinary training is, I must never never never never never go to work in a bank> And to top it all off the only ID I had was my passport and the photo of me on there was when I was seven and then she had the nerve to say it still looked like me and it was CUTE!!! I've spent my life avoiding that word... how could she?!

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Date:2003-04-25 13:16
Mood: gloomy

Why do holidays always have to go so fast?! I can't believe we only have 3 days left... incredibly depressing. I don't really hve any hw that I have to do but I probably should be doing some... but I'm not and so have resorted to the internet for entertainment. I just did that 'Which Ed-head are you?' quiz which said:

You are Nic! You're a little Scottish chickie who everyone feels comfortable with talking to and you're always there for support.

That's quite strange cos I dont think that's me at all. I find it very awkward talking to people any I'm sure they find it awkward talking to me. And I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a 'chickie'... I'm half way through making my practise formal dress and I cant wait to have the real one finished. I love getting dressed up but I never get a chance and hate feeling over-dressed anyway.

I went to QEII with Emma yesterday and we tried aquajogging!!! That just cracks me up... it was actually fun though and despite appearances is actually quite hard. It took us 50 minutes to do 750m of it cos a) there's heaps of resistance on every part of your body and b) we really sucked. I think I'll go out again tomorrow at some stage. I felt pretty good after I came out cos I'd actually done some work but when we were going to the bus I almost fainted. Not sure why, it could have been the chlorine, heat (steam room and spa) exercise or lack of food but I couldn't really see and wasn't able to stand up. Not good at the time but quite exciting afterwards.

I'm planning to go to England at the end of next year for two months from about Dec 12 to mid Feb. My bank account currently has $782, my life savings which isn't too bad considering I've never had pocket money etc. however I'd need to save up at least $4000 so if anybody has ANY spare jobs(I'm prepared to lose all dignity...)!!! if I don't manage to save up that much which is quite possible I probably won't be able to see Nana again cos if I don't go then, I pobably won't be able to go until after my 7 year vet course which is 9 years away!!!despite my strong dislikes of public appearances my need for money probably means that busking and daffodil selling are back... :(

Well anyway, that's about it for this incredibly boring post . Bye.

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Date:2003-04-16 09:21
Mood: drained

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Fro-og,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

That's right we all live in debt to the internet... without it i'd have had to sing that to you in person, and for that you would not have been very thankful. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and enjoy being 16 (that just sounds so wrong though...) NB. though you may now be 16 don't feel you have to make the most of all your new rights immediately ... Happy birthday Frog!!!

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Date:2003-04-14 18:18
Mood: satisfied

Just realised how long it's been since i was last here... Anyway, the last weekend has been very very interesting. After school on Friday I went howm with Emma to her house where amongst other haappenings which will remain strictly secret, i inspected some of her art panel things, on of which has major problems. She screwed up the plane and so now it only has a motor under one wing, yet of the many people that she has shown it to, i'm the ony one who has noticed...oh, what has our world come to.

Went round to Nick's house (garage) with Holly, Tessa, Emma and Joe and it went really well - quite an ice-breaker one might say. Emma got through 5 KGB's and a Speights, Tessa not far off that and I'm not sure about Holly, but i just had one KGB, sure was damn good too. All in all that made for a lot off interesting conversation and quite a few dodgy topics, a lot off flashing from Tessa and a lot of 'bubble-bursting' from Emma. Eventually got back to Emma's at about 1.15am and was so tred I fell asleep almost instantly... in my new pyjamas.

The next day Tessa left for Kaikoura at about 10 but Emma and i didn't get up till about 12.30 i think, after a rousing round of the newly invented 'phone-book game'. Eventually buggared off to Tessa's with my 2 tonnes worth off crap at about 4.30 when we took Kiri for a walk and then Emma went to the rugby with her family while I watched One Fine Day for about the third time. At ten when she got back we talked to holly and then to Penny while we (OK so maybe it was just me) successfully managed to overcook tea and so eat some incredibly slimey noodles with sauce. Also discovered much to my horror that there house has 3 pottles of salsa!. After watching the first half of Moulin Rouge i crashed on the couch and was woken 3 times either by Kiri scratching on the door or licking my face.

On Saturday we went to Northlands in the afternoon and i finally got my ears pierced. i've got to keep these silver studs in for six weeks or so and then go 6 months during which i can't go more than 24 ours without earrings, still i'm glad I've finally got them done and am quite pleased with the results. Went shopping at Pak'n'save and discovered that Emma and i could be damn good flatters. Found some shoes in the mall and loved them, they even had them in my size but sadly were $99 and so out of my range. When we got back we had what us flatters might call a 'feast'. I cooked ovenchips and heated the pizza which we got on the way home. Marco the cat had managed to get hs head into the pizza box while we were on the phone and so not watching but that didn't stop us. watched the end of Moulin Rouge and I was so so so close to not crying for the first time but that may have been because she was making farting noises during all the sad bits. Then we got into PJ's and sleeping bags and watched Bridget Jones. So overall a very food night cos i rediscovered my absolute love for Hugh Grant and Ewan McGregor. Emma said that when she's rich she'll hire out a cinema for me and show Moulin Rouge with just me and Ewan McGregor in the cinema. it will also be completely empty with the exception of one bed... how convenient. after some stunninly green though tasty slime time ice-crea and fruit we watched Scary Movie II. It was incredibly revolting but also hilarious and I was incredibl stunned that I didn't have nightmares about small handed janitors and white substances...

So, was pretty stoked that we managed to get through the whole week-end with no problems and am now looking forward to the thought of 2 weeks of home-work free holidays and sleeping in in the mornings, however after spending just 2 days 'flatting', I'm really looking forward to moving out though I know i'd probably get sick of it very quickly. we've also decided that for Penny's 18th we're going to a karaoke bar and singing 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' and then for my solo I'm singing elephant love medley and dedicating it to Ewan. Anyway, i've been on this for ages so should probably go. I've also got to go and listen to Frog's CD and get back to her re. my view on the recorded version of Hands.

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Date:2003-04-02 08:01
Subject:Formal time...
Mood: hopeful

Hmmmmm... just found out that Katie won't be coming to the formal after all...damn it, looks like I'm back to beiing the only sober one. But did go to look at dress options yesterday with Kelly, Tessa and Emma but didn't have enough time to have a proper look so will be going back again soon. I'm really looking forward to the formal... it's not often, no I never, ever get dressed up and try to look pretty and girlie so it should make a nice change. however I do have a few apprehensions re. the guy I'll be 'paired up with' cos at the moment it's looking like Nick... need I say more?! Also not sure about this afterparty cos I'm not yet into drinking, though that will have to change soon as will my lack of license as I have decided that I really need to grow up. I'm only able to be a stupid, idiotic, irresponsible teenager once so may as well make the most of it now. Got my $50 well actually $60 for my formal ticket so if all goes well by this afternoon I should be a confirmed 'formal-goer'.

Not so good at the moment is my poor little feminine bird (yet to be named though if she keeps going at this rate she won't be round long enough to need a name anyway). She's been fluffed up since we got her which is a sign that she's not very well apparantly. Took her out of her heated box last night and she plucked herself even more. She's constantly preening herself near her tail and has recently made herself bleed. Last night was the worst cos she's got a massive bald patch all round her tail though it's covered from view by the long feathers from higher up and now all her tail feathers and others near there are covered in blood. It's disgusting. It also looks so incredibly saw and there's nothing we can do. Phoned my auntie last night who has 10 aviaries (sp?)and asked her but she said that sometimes they get an egg stuck in them and there's nothing you can do but they don't last long after that... I know you're all thinking she's just a runty little bird, who cares, but I've actually become quite attatched to her over the last 3 weeks. She's so cute and she's got her own lovely little personality. If she does die I know the other bird will be so sad and lonely too. Not looking good.

Yesterday in assembely I got academic merit... how embarrassing. We were sitting in a long line and EVERYBODY got academic colours but me and Frog... Was just horrible cos then I had to get up for academic merit... shameful!!!
Though got my Grade 5 theory results back on Monday... 95%!!! and just 90% is a distinction!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stoked about that and it's about time cos I was meant to do it at the end of 3rd form

So anyway, can't wait to start planning and making my dress though very scared it wont work... could be an expensive mistake though will probably make one out of calico first. Oh the dicisions to be made... hair, make-up (hahaha I'm going to wear make-up!!!) dress style colour material; what fun!!!

Neighbour phoned up on Monday night to see if I was interested being the baby-sitter for the kids down the road... only problem is that there are FOUR of them. Twins, Holly and Greta, age 7, Chelsea age 5 and Cole age 3 I think... could be a lot of work. Only ever baby sat once before so not sure how it's going to go but looking after these four kids must be easier than looking after Emma while house-sitting at Tessa's. Put in famine book on Monday which should get m a pizza voucher for while we're there too...mmmmmm.....pizza from pizza shop. Tasty!!!

Well that's about all for today though 'poker night' is on on Friday shich could be fun. The guys are going and so once again could be embarassing if everyone's drinking and i'm just sitting there "yeahp, I have really drunk before..." how embarassing.
Not yet sure if Katie and Frog are going to go cos that would solve that problem but it is currently looking like they don't really want to.

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Date:2003-04-01 08:02
Mood: cranky

Yeah, I know I'm just copying everyone else again, but filling ou these things is just so mindless and fun!

A - Act your age? Probably an equal amount of older and younger.

B - Born on what day of the week? I don't know... what kind of question is that anyway?!

C - Chore you hate? none especially though hanging out the washing is rather tedious

D - Dad's name? Paul, as Penny correctly wrote on my maths book for when I forget.

E - Essential makeup item? Don't really wear make-up but I like GOOD eye-shadow + masc.

F - Favorite actor? Ewan McGregor and Hugh Grant.

G - Gold or silver? Silver I too have strong anti-gold views

H - Hometown? Christchurch, New Zealand.

I - Instruments you play? Piano, flute, percussion (timpani, cymbals, snare drum,
gloch, and to some extent the recorder)

J - Job title? Stationary assistant, P.E. gear advisorator, house sitter (arsonist...)
and got phone call last night re. possible baby sitting job, as in not a one off if I can just fix this weird fascination with matches and curtains...

K - Not that I know of, hope to though, but as Emma and Penny agree, if I ever do
they'll come out like dried up prunes...oooh

L - Living arrangements? Mum Dad and Kate, Zach, feminine bird, masculin bird, Bob the
Daddy-long-drop-toilet-spider (recently suspected deceased), the memory of Possum, The
memory of George and the memory of Harry, my monarch butterfly whom I raised form
caterpillar, to full fledged butterfly.

M - Mom's name? Serena

N - Number of people you've slept with? he told me not to tell anyone...

O - Overnight hospital stays? none, though I did go in for a day check up once, for my blocked salivery gland...mmmmmmmmmmm

P - Phobia? None really other than spiders and snakes though not good with heights or Emma and having heard so much re. Jadyn, he too is climbing the list...

Q - Quote you like? 'We come in a world of iron, to make a world on gold'; simple yet it sums up life so well... love it!!!

R - Religious affiliation? Methican.. note that was Me TH ican and not the slightly more euphomised word... really it's Methodist

S - Siblings? Kate, turning OMG, she's gonna be 20 this year, and oh so mature...

T - Time you wake up? 6.10 weekdays, 7 on Saturday, 8.30 Sunday and 10.30 if left alone

U - Unique habit? None that I know of, though Penny has a problem with my pronunciation of NZ and also glucose... not really a unique habit though

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? None that I refuse but don't like eggplant... PS what did mushrooms ever do to you?!

W - Worst habit? Once again none that I know of, though the others say I moan in my sleep and Emma says I roll over too much, though why would she have noticed if she wasn't breathing on me?!

X - X-rays you've had? None, sadly my blocked salivery gland was not good enough for them...grrrr

Y - Yummy food you make? nothing inparticular, though Hot Cross Buns are quite high on the list

Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer but I hate those things

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Date:2003-03-31 08:38

The damn computer has broken down and I had to spend the whole w/e without the internet!!! I can't cope. No, seriouslly... I think it's going to my head. On Saturday I was bored so made
-a banana cake
-two lots of muffins (24 in total)
-18 hot cross buns
-some jam
-a loaf of bread
and on Friday I cooked two pizzas and madea Raspberry slice
So am feeling very left out and isolated cos couldn't go to Nick's with the others on Friday night cos had no way of getting there... highly annoyed.
I get this Saturday off CSM but Dad's away from Thursday to Sunday so there goes my transport... damn it
Got to go before LN kills me again.

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Date:2003-03-26 08:12

Well, i have just returned from insulting Hands to Frog so I don't be surprised if i'm not here at the end of the day... though for those of you who aren't Frog don't be anti U2 just because of hands, cos they sang 'children of the revolution' which is an amazing song.

So anyway last night I went to Dressmart with Katie which was realy fun. I spent ages trying on jeans and the $30 ones were OK but then I found some, fell in love with them and then realised that they were actually $79... damn it! Dressmart has greatly improved since 5 years ago but there was way too much stuff there to be covered in just 1 hour especially when katie was there constantly asking my opinion... So I didn't buy anything in the end but plan to go out again in the next few days, and i did find a really nice leather jacket, red with a 'subtle'collar but it was a bit too big and I couldn't afford $50 of my 'jeans' money when I probably wouldn't have worn it that much though it did long kind of good considering it was a M not a S though Katie's just told me there was an s...once again, damn it.

When I got home I watched Coro St. and then Hearts and Bones which was OK and then some of Teachers which was just as funny as ever. Went to my room after and listened to my 6 most favourite songs from Moulin Rouge about 5 times over. Then listened to Coldplay again and reassured myself just how much I love the Coldplay song 'God put a smile upon your face... and give you grace' Love it, love it, love it!!! Got netball today and am really looking forward to it cos it's out at the nice place and we can play our game on the pavement again!!! Last game too... =(

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Date:2003-03-25 08:03
Subject:New found CD collection... how exciting!!!
Mood: blah

Last night was so fun... in a stay-at-home-cos-it's-a-weeknight-kind-of-a-way. Watched Intrepid Journeys, didn't realise that India was that big! He asked someone if the place he was going to was a village, a town or a city, and they said it was a town...turned out to have 2 million people!!! They also had dead people floating down the river and I don't think I'd cope too well with the food they have there, I mean I felt sick after a burrito with Mild Mexican Salsa, though I was proud that I was at least able to eat it, even if it was with about 4 glasses of water. Then watched ER, didn't like it so much compared to other weeks, thought it needed more of a storyline, though next weeks looks good. Then watched the Oscars. I loved the speech by that guy from the pianist, can't remember his name, initials are AB I think. Anyway I'm sure all of you saw it but for those of you who didn't... he was going through and thanking everybody as they always do and going very slowly about it, and then they started flashing times at him. He started talking about the Iraq war and they tried to cut him off with the music which I thought was very rude considering this was probably the biggest night of his life, and he basically told them to shut up cos he only got one chance at this and he hadn't finished. Then kept saying that war was wrong and God look after the American soldiers and the Iraqi people... very good speech really and the crowd sure did like it.

After that, I went to return Moulin Rouge to Kate and then I discovered Kate's CD collection. Told her I was just borrowing one but ended up taking about 6... Lazy Sunday 1,2,3 Moby, Coldplay, UB40, U2, Moulin Rouge, Cafe del mar and much to my dismay... Pink. Sadly Pink didn't work on my CD player, I was hoping that I'd broken it but it still worked on Kate's player... damn it!!! Then I have Robbie Williams and Chicago so I was listening to CD's for about 5 hours last night, sleeping through the boring songs, and still have good music when I get home tonight to listen to!!! =)

Today after school I'm going shopping with Katie, well she said she'd come so I'm assuming that she still is... Emma said she wasn't going to go with us and then made up about 4 diferent incredibly lame excuses...some people! Anyway...Shopping!!!

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Date:2003-03-22 12:46
Subject:No appropriate subject title...
Mood: drained

Went to Emmas last night and it was really fun. I started the Famine at 8 which was about time, cos if i'd have eaten any more of my Moro bar I have a feeling I would have been sick... charming. It's now about 12.45 and all I've eaten since 8 last night is one raspberry barley sugar and one glass of water and what's even more amazing is that I'm not really hungry yet though I was surprised to realise just how many times I felt myself almost going to the fridge or pantry just for the sake of it.

Anyway, last night. Emma's little brother and sister have a set of bars (though I have strong suspicions that Emma also uses them...) and they are so fun. Forgotten how much I liked either hanging upside down, flipping round the bar, or hanging upside down with my legs going straight up and not touching the bar... kind of have to see that though I suppose. I continued to entertain myself on the bar whilst the others made up what was (and was meant to be) the most cheesy dance ever! I was disturbed and refused to join in.

Went to BP station though due to lack of Penny this resulted in no such flirtatious actions by 'us' (Katie) however i found it to be rather amusing though also embarassing when Katie opened her wallet and realised that she had no money in it..some people. Then went back and watched John Doe, a programme I am increasingly liking despite Katie's rude comments re. those who watch it, because I can watch it, and think about it but they explain everything anyway for people like me who by a Friday night can't be bothered working stuff out.

Then went to bed at about 11. I think but I felt really stupid cos I was trying so hard to stay awake but over the last week I'd had so little sleep that I was literally exhausted. Don't think I spent much time awake last night so sadly missed out on all the good conversation
Woke up and heard part 4 of what must have been a rather amusing/dirty story, and then realised I'd missed the conversation about everybodys first kisses... how sad. Katie tried to question me on the subject but I eventually managed to change the subject. Got uncomfortable on the ground so went to sit on other chair with Emma but then realised Emma's legs were ah, not where I'd expected them to be... and every time she laughed... I'll say no more. Then Emma decided that it would be fun to play 'let's tickle Sarah's feet so she stays awake" oh what a fun game...! I personally was mourning the loss of my rights to food. Got to sleep about 1.45 I think on the seat but then rolled over to stretch my back, fell off and was too tired and disorientated to get back up. Oh, and one of KT and Emma's other favourite games is 'let's get REALLY close to Sarah's face and wake her up by breathing all over her'... you wouldnt believe how freaky that is, I almost screamed when I first woke up with KT just there...especially bad when other's have just been eating rashuns and I'm on the famine... so mean and heartless! Got to go... it's lunch time sadly though it you take luch out of luch time you just get time... how exciting!!!

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Date:2003-03-20 08:03
Subject:The world is suddenly not so safe...
Mood: pessimistic

Speech day has come though on a slightly larger note, so has war.
Bush told Hussein that he had just 48 hours to get out of the country with his sons or military intervention would be necessary...WAR. Sadly, he hasn't yet moved and that 48 hour deadline ends today. If I have kids when I'm older, I don't think I will ever be able to explain how it feels to have to know that war could well be here by the end of the day. Always thought that a day was so insgnificant but now that I think about it a hell of a lot can happen in just on day. Especially today and the next week...

It's also weird to think that a 'pandemic' (as quoted by McSporran)is just across the Tasman. I know that I said that the other day but it's really starting to freak me out now as it's spreading and there's still no cure or anything near a cure. In fact they don't even know what it is!!! So at the moment the world is suddenly feeling like a rather scary and unsafe place to be. I've never really felt scared about 'life' like this before except on September 12th (here).

OK so this world thing is pretty scary but I may as well get back to my normal life and enjoy it while it remains. I watched friends last night and it was about the funniest thing Ive seen in a long long time. I also watched Scrubs and Always Greener, though am beginning to think that I should possibly have done some h/w at the same time...
I've got my English speech today in period 6 and I'm dreading it to say the least. I think Im ready but I'm pretty sure that I'll just freak out and screw everything up as I have a tendancy to do in such circumstances.
Also we had netball yesterday which was interesting to say the least... we only had 6 people and there was a chance that Emma wouldn't come which would mean having just 5 people; now that would have been amusing! but we managed to rope in two 4th formers and they were actually really good, quite depressing really, so I took the 2nd half off. We lost the game and though it was fun I don't really think that there was anything interesting. But, I have a new found hatred, along with the rest of our team for their GA (or GS)Amelia, who was very tall and incredibly psycho.

Also, 'the feminine one' is becoming increasingly fatter and less energetic so all signs are pointing towards baby birds!!!

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Date:2003-03-19 12:37
Subject:I don't know shat there is to right about...
Mood: blank

Why...write about the maths test... just write about the maths test.
Right well, that's the last time I let Frog dictate my journal entry for me.

So anyway, the maths test... what can I say?! I hated it. What's worse is that it wasn't actually that bad it's just that I seriously ran out of time and now I'm beginning to think that a little more study would have beed helpful but I doubt that had I have done hours more study it wouldn't have actually been worth it anyway so that's slightly reassuring cos at least I got to go to at about 10:30. The birds remain nameless though we have our suspicions that 'the feminine one' is in fact pregnant considering she's exceedingly fat, doesn't like flying, eats constantly and is sharing her cage with 'the masculine one'.
Almost had to do my speech today and I'm so glad I didn't cos I wouldn't have been at all ready. Had we have had just 3 more minutes in the period I would had had to do it... luckily there weren't. And I'm number 18 and it's the 2nd day of speeches for our class so she's going really fast. George Toomey's speech was so good -way to show everbody else up! Anyway, I'm expecting a merit and will be dissappointed though not thoroughly surprised with an Acheived. So I'm 1st thing tomorrow 6th period. It's really weird though cos I'm pretty sure that George is the only one who's got an exc so far unlike last year...

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Date:2003-03-18 08:19

Right well it's now before school and I am incredibly bored and so decided to resort to the advice bunny for an attempt at mild entertainment.I know that Katie has already asked the question but I had to see if this bunny was really as evil as he appeared...

Your question was:
Should I kill myself right now at school?

The Advice Bunny's response is:
Yes, definately!

Need I say more?!! This Bunny is EVIL and is messing with the minds of today's youths... what if someone had been asking that question seriously? And the public wonder what's wrong with today's youth suicide rate...

While I'm here, is anyone else here slightly worried by the fact that war by the end of today has been good as confirmed and the thought that a possible influenza epidemic is just across the Tasman from us?!!

I know that I'm not exactly the optimist but life sure is not looking good at the moment for anyone and to top it all off Zach came through and jumped on my bed last night at 3am. He was hyperventilating and shaking heaps so I stayed up for half an hour with him trying to calm him down and work out what was wrong. Searched every room in the house and checked on the birds and went outside. Turned out the fire alarm was going flat and had been bipping every 5 minutes... I was not impressed so I decided to wake Mum and get her to calm the dog down and stop the alarm. Apparantly he kept going for about an hour and a half!!!

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Date:2003-03-17 21:05

I don't think this is especially healthy but this must be a 'SLIGHT' exaggeration...

Disorder Rating Information
Paranoid: High
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Moderate
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: Very High
Dependent: High
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

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Date:2003-03-17 20:45
Subject:Save me now please...
Mood: uncomfortable

I just did the Which Dominic Monaghan are you and have some major concerns re. the results. See them for yourself:

You are Bouncy TRL Dom!
Cheeky, hyper, and constantly moving, you bounced your way through your interview, humped Sean, danced like a crazy man, and stuck your butt in the air while jumping on a couch.
We love you. We really, really do. Full throttle!

This is definatley not me... is it?!! Please say no cos I'll need serious treatment if it is...

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Date:2003-03-17 08:34
Mood: giggly

Yes that's right, my family has now grown to include to gorgeous little zebra finches. Dad bought them for me yesterday and they are so damn cute! They're both 6 months old and there's one boy and one girl (I want baby birds...). They were called Riff and Raff but I insist that their names change... So anyway, you know those squeaky toys for dogs, they sound just like those, well the guy does but the girl just does this really weird kind of squeak. It's so fun going to the pet shop. We bought one of those bell things and a honey flavoured seed stick, these cool cage liners incase they want to scratch there feet apparantly, and TOYS!!! There's a mirror cube with a bell, a chain of plastic rings with a bell on the bottom and a chain of hollow globes with balls inside them. Sadly they haven't played with them yet. They play on their cute little wooden swing which was there when we bought them and they both sit on it at once and just swing and squeak... so cute. They also eat lettuce which is rather weird... and they crap eveywhere; hmmmm...

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Date:2003-03-14 18:54
Subject:I love hot cross buns
Mood: giggly

I'd forgotten how much I loved hot cross buns, mmmmm! I also heard that it was just Penny and Tessa and the 4 guys which turned out to be very awkward... hahaha! : )
So anyway, today's been about the most pointless day. I still haven't re-written my speech and I've got that damn maths test coming up too. Mrs McSporran really scares me. She goes nuts at everybody if they don't do their work esp. Tessa and Katie and yet when I told her that I hadn't done the question or my homework, she just smiled. Seriously, I can't work out why she likes me so much but I don't mind it cos at least she doesn't yell at me like she does at the others... but she keeps emabarassing me like when I was looking for ' i ' on my calculator and when I used my calc to solve 2x2x2... yeah, though Katie mocked me the other day for usin my calculator to solce 1x1x1. I think I might go and watch 'Finding Forrestor ' now, it's meant to be quite good.

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